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Eco Friendly Products

Eco friendly term refers to goods and services, laws, guidelines and policies that inflict reduced, minimal, or no harm upon the environment. We consider agricultural materials to be a good alternative to conventional materials. The rugs have proved a big hit all over the world, as they are cheap, unique, handmade and environmentally-friendly.


We have found a new, more lucrative way of dealing with the estimated 100,000 tons of scrap fabric the garment sector produces each year: making rag-rugs for export.

Increase Employment

Increase Employment

Our four factories are stretched across the impoverished north of Bangladesh, where non-agricultural work is scarce and our rag-rug factories provide a valuable source of jobs, especially for rural women.


About Us

We employ nearly 2,000 people at our production offices in our different areas of Bangladesh. We practice Consistent Communication, Comfortable Heating
and Lighting Issues, Manageable Workloads, Fire Safety in our factories. We also believe in continuous development of our coworkers,
for that regular skill development programs are arranged. Our workers enjoy medical checkups in a regular basis.


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