Classical Handmade Products BD is an export manufacturing company for handmade products using natural fibers and garment waste. CHP BD is inspired by the concept of decentralized way of business where there is opportunity to improve the quality of life in rural areas. CHP BD establishes factories close to the poor people in different areas of Bangladesh where " MONGA " is an every year scenario. It is a difference Classical Handmade Products BD is trying to make when most of the entrepreneurs are trying to establish factories in the major cities of Bangladesh, which creates a problematic inbalance between urban and rural areas.

The income of a factory worker in the city is fully spent on living costs. In the rural areas however, this income helps people to improve their quality of life, send their kids to school, buy land for cultivation, enable savings and it empowers women as income earners. Small production units directly in the villages are the solution to make employment in a larger industrial chain accessible to rural workers. Employees can stay with their family, in their house and still find jobs and career perspectives.

The employees of CHP, mostly women, are living within walking or cycling distance of the factory. This enables them to come to work without any expenses on transport or accommodation in a big city.


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